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All Mothers are Working Mothers, but those who have a career away from home have an extra challenge in juggling their career and their family life.  We wonder how we manage to do it working mothersall.  It's not easy fitting in everything and finding time for ourselves.  Some Working Mothers are lucky and have a very supportive husband who is happy to share in all the necessary household chores and also find time to spend with you.  Some Working Mothers love to work and some Working Mothers just plain have to work because of the financial need.

Working Mothers have values of a warm, clean, happy welcoming home for their family, this special space is a way station between school, sports, sleepovers, and visiting friends. 

Working Mothers are geniuses playing their numerous roles with a management of good times and a sense of humor.  Working Mothers try to balance work and family and this is never an easy task.  Remember yourself, your needs and wants, your happiness will be the balance.  Be very flexible and stay open minded to new suggestions and solutions suggested to any problems. Communicate with each other.  Get organized and share the necessary things that need to be done.  Kids can pitch in on a written schedule.  As Working Mothers this will make life much easier for all.

Above all do not feel guilty, keep yourself healthy and have a sense of humor and laugh a lot.