PostHeaderIcon Working Mothers - Child Care

As a Working Mother, with young children, you need someone to take care of them while you are at work.  There are several options for you to consider.
In-home care.  Certainly very nice if you have a family member who has offered to take care of the children, how fortunate you are.
You can hire a baby sitter or a nanny – just be sure you get references for the past few years, if possible and contact these references.  Hiring a nanny through an agency, again, make sure you get references.
Another option is a person who takes care of a few children in their home. These childcare providers should be licensed and again, you need to make sure you check references and call other parents who have used the service of the care provider.
A Day-care Center where many children are enrolled in these centers for your child to mingle with and make new friends.  A good Day-care center helps children develop mentally, physically and socially.  If you can, take an active role at the center this will help you in being assured of making the right decision for a daycare and also help you with any feelings you have of guilt about working.