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After the divorce it will take a little while to get everything straightened out, especially financially and emotionally.  You will have to change and become more self sufficient.  Start doing this and you will feel better about yourself.
Try to make some new single friends.  Some of your present friends will support you but some will take sides or even just ignore you.
Working mothers will need to keep working.  It is not easy being a single working mother and have the responsibility of bringing up children.  Financial worries with the cost of food, clothing, daycare or school expenses.
Support for you and the children will be settled by the court.  Both parents are responsible for raising and supporting children and what is in their best interests.  Most fathers do pay to help support children as ordered by the court but there are some “deadbeat dads” who refuse to pay. Most states  have laws with consequences for these “deadbeats” which include garnishing wages, withholding income tax refunds, confiscating drivers licenses, even prison and other methods of punishment.
Department of Child Support Services, in all states, work with parents or guardians to ensure children and families receive all court ordered financial support.  Beginning June l 2009 all US citizens will need a passport to travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda.  Any parent who has a case with a local support agency and owes more than $2500 in past due support will be denied issuance or renewal of a passport.  Call the local support office for information and assistance.